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Gary is one of 5 siblings. When he was 2 he was taken into care for various issues, including his mum having her own issues surrounding alcohol abuse, later on in life this affected Gary too. He has overcome various traumas and talks about how he has changed his life around, speaking about these in depth.

He now helps others through bespoke presentations, workshops, and individual counselling, to understand some of the issues they may face in their lives, with alcohol addictions being his main focus.

Gary also set up The Free From Addiction Project, based upon his own personal experiences. His aim is helping others with their alcohol addictions.

This is an award winning project which won 5 awards.

Gary was also shortlisted to recieve a Pride of Britain Award in 2012 coming in the top 4 in his region.

In  2013 he stopped running the above project to focus on a heavier online presence raising awareness through social media on a public page and offering support in a closed 'peer to peer' support group.