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Please find below a few Testimonials from people that have told Gary how much they have valued his advice and support which led to them leading a better life.

After watching This Morning and listening to Gary talk about the issues around alcoholism I decided to message him with my problem around alcohol. When drinking I would get myself into such a state of not remembering what the night was actually about. I realised I had a problem with alcohol when I was finding myself drinking nearly every night, but just didn't want to admit to family and friends.
Since messaging Gary and up until now I feel that he has made a massive impact on my life already. We spoke on the phone very soon after I messaged him and we spoke at length about my problems concerning alcohol. I then decided to sign up to one of his support packages. His support has been constant, I know Gary would never judge me. I can honestly say that the Friday we spoke was a start towards a new life for me without alcohol, and that's all down to Gary.
(March 2015)

My life started to change the day I reached out to Gary who made an immediate difference to how I was feeling. It's never easy to ask for help, or to admit you have a problem but Gary replied to my message quickly and we arranged to speak on the phone later that day. He immediately made me feel at ease and I could tell straight away he understood what I was going through. The fact Gary has walked a similar road and overcome so many of his own issues makes him an absolute expert when it comes to supporting other people on the road to recovery. (Feb 2015)

Hi Gary, just a few words to say thank you for being here for me, I know I only know you through your Facebook alcohol awareness page, because of my addiction, but your support has been lovely to have. I have spoke to you about my past and having someone to open up to has really helped me. Also knowing how far you have come gives me the determination to keep going, I can beat alcohol I know that now, so thank you from the bottom of my heart. Sharon

Hi my name is Helen, I live in the West Midlands, after the loss of my mom and sister I was drinking 3 to 4 bottles of wine a day. My doctor told me my liver was so bad I had to get help, that's where Gary Topley came in to my life. He has helped me so much I can't thank him enough. When I am having a bad day he is always their to help. If you are going through what I was going through talk to Gary, he will always help you. My family could not understand why I was drinking so much, but Gary understands everyone because he has been there too. Please talk to him if you need help. He has given up his time to help everyone. He has helped me so much by just by being their for me.