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I went to meet Declan in Luton on Saturday 8th March 2014.

Declan was someone I knew from days of old along with his son Kevin who I used to be friends with when I was about 11/12 years old. I had connected with Declan through the internet some few months before.

The book 'In the Name of the Son' I got from him upon us meeting. I decided I wouldn't waste any time and would read this on my journey home, later that day on the train.

After speaking to Declan after so long and reading the book it was so warming to see in such difficult circumstances how he was and still is committed to creating a legacy for his son and how he has given everything he has had over the years that have gone by.

The story is about "Love and Loss" and how a father comes to terms with the death of his 19 year son. His anger and grief led him to despair after the family were misled and misinformed about the fatal car crash. The story unfolds over years that bring about a landmark change in the Drink Drive laws throughout the UK.

I highly recomend this book and it can be purchased via the following links:-