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Gary Topley - Presentations and Workshops Gary provides bespoke Alcohol Awareness Presentations and Workshops to audiences of all ages, adult, teens, and children. He avoids text book methods of rehabilitation as his presentations are from personal experience based upon the struggles with alcohol he has had throughout his life.





If you wish to discuss the possibilities of Gary doing a presentation or running a workshop, please contact Gary.

Some quotes I have had from Workshop Participants:


I found the story that Gary told helpful, if more people knew about what could happen from the effects of alcohol then a lot of people would sort their lives out.

I really enjoyed your lesson, you drilled something into my head. I wil try to feel less peer pressured.

The presentation was well organised and very informative. It made you think about the damage alcohol can do.

I found the presentation quite inspirational and also admiring, I could see how certain aspects in life can rapidly deteriorate. I will still drink however but in assessed moderation and also encourage all of my friends and family to do the same. Thankyou for your time and effort you've given us here today, we fully appreciate it. I wish you both luck on your journeys through life the good and the bad. Best Of Luck.